Abresan Navid Zanjan CO


Pressurized Polyethylene Pipe

Drip irrigation Tape

PolyPropylene Pipe

LDPE (Low-Density) Pipes

Lateral Connector Fitting's of Drip Irrigation Tapes

Importation of Agreecalture Equipment , Disk & hydrocyclone (sand separator) Filters of Erhas CO from Turkey

Production of wide range of Presserized Polyethylene Pipe

Production of verious kind's of Drip Tapes

Introducing Aresan Navid Zanjan Company


bresan Navid Zanjan Company initiated its activities in producing and providing polyethylene pipes in 1996. In 2007, with the aim of obviating consumer’s need and concurrent with increasing development of irrigation science, Abresan Company commenced producing drip tapes along with required fittings.

Now after 19 years of continuous activity, we believe that respect and regard for consumers is the secret of producing products which have been capable of gaining certificates of producing various kind of polyethylene pipes, irrigation tapes and the relevant equipments from science and research organizations. more…



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