Introducing Abresan Navid Zanjan Company

Abresan Company initiated its activities in producing and providing polyethylene pipes in 1996. In 2007, with the aim of obviating consumer’s need and concurrent with increasing development of irrigation science, Abresan Company commenced producing drip tapes along with required fittings.

Now after 19 years of continuous activity, we believe that respect and regard for consumers is the secret of producing products which have been capable of gaining certificates of producing various kind of polyethylene pipes, irrigation tapes and the relevant equipments from science and research organizations.

With the aim of obviating consumer’s need and concurrent with increasing development of irrigation science, this company has produced pressurized polyethylene pipes (PE80, PE100) with the external diameter of 16 to 315mm and drip irrigation tapes and fittings using import and export raw materials of Iran Petrochemistry Company.

The main objective of Abresan Navid in presenting its products is honoring honesty and attempting to gain consumer’s trust in competitive market. The products of this company have received confirmation from Iran institution of standard and industrial researches and a grade from Jahad Keshavarzi’s department of water and soil as well as ISO9001:2008 certificate. To achieve its long-term objective and simultaneous with reduction in water supplies and increase in demands for crops proportionate to population growth, the company started to produce new items such as different kinds of drip tapes in 7 production lines with capacity of 120.000.000 meters per year and its relevant equipments which has played a significant role in the rise of irrigation efficiency in cultivating cucurbits, vine crops and vegetables. The other major products of Abresan Navid Company are 16mm soft polyethylene pipes for drip irrigation, pressurized hard polyethylene pipes in sizes of 20 to 315mm with capacity of 7000 tons per year and polypropylene pipes (P.P.). This products are produced using experienced staff; pipe producing machines equipped with gravimeter (electronic controlling of weight); and a laboratory equipped with apparatus for determining the percentage of soot and its distribution, MFI, density, hydrostatic pressure test and tensile machine.

Some objectives and viewpoints of Abresan Navid Company:

  • Production of various kinds of polyethylene pipes and drip tapes.
  • Presentation of products based on purchasing power.
  • Expansion of distribution network and diversity of products.