rip tape consists of a tape and an automatic dripper that is of high efficiency and installed easily. This tape is designed in a way that consists of a main-line for water-flow. Water flows into the water inlets spaced at definite intervals on the line, then is led to the zigzag lateral channel to lower the pressure of the output water. To do so, each dripper has a filter and a pressure-lowing channel which operates independently and its debye is constant. In manufacturing drip tapes , a mixture of plastic materials is used which is resistant to ultra violet light of sunlight, temperature fluctuations and decay as well as chemicals and pesticides The tapes are of high flexibility and easily wrapped and reeled. The tapes are placed among the rows of crops and to protect them against wind, several clasps are used to fix them to the ground and several meters length of the beginning and end of the tapes is buried under the ground.

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Advantages of drip tape:

  • Ease of connectability
  • Lightness and ease of portability
  • It can be installed in large farms without smoothing the ground and even in mechanized way and simultaneous with sowing the seeds.
  • This tapes have efficiency at low pressure and can convey the water to the plants using gravity (without using pump).
  • In comparison with classic drip irrigation systems (using 16mm pipes and dripper installation), these tapes can be installed easily and quickly without technician help. The tape can be put under the earth and since in this circumstance, the soil is unsaturated (and crusting is prevented), the root is easily ventilated and also wind can’t affect its efficiency and as a result, less water is vaporized.
  • Irrigation efficiency can rise by 95%.
  • Due to the economical use of water in tape system, the area under cultivation and crop production per area unit and per unit of water will increase and consequently the investment s in agricultural productions will be more economical.
  • Since in comparison to other methods of irrigation there is less moisture on the farm, the growth of funguses and bacteria will be prevented to a great extent.
  • This tapes can convey fertilizers, soluble nutrients and even toxics directly to the root zone without wasting them. In this system, only a part of the farm (root zone) is watered. Therefore weed growth will be reduced and controlled. In this system, since the irrigation period is short, saline water can be used without doing any harm to the plant.
  • The system is compatible with most crops such as: industrial plants, cucurbits, vine crops, vegetables, grains, fruits, vinery, tea, afforestation, greenhouse cultivation and green space.

How to setup drip irrigation tape?

Technical information of the irrigation tapes produced by the Abresan Navid Zanjan company:

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